Too Small for News – Topic Ideas For A Press Release

When speaking to clients I often hear them say ‘we are a small company and don’t have any news’  so here are some ideas for topics for news stories, remember, news is just timely, interesting, unique, useful or informative content. You created your company for a reason. People work with you and buy from you for a reason. Those reasons are your news. And news appeals to everyone. Write those stories up and get them out there. You’ll be surprised who’s listening. Here are some great topics that will give you inspiration when thinking of subjects for publishing company news

Company Growth, Milestones and Strategy Shifts

  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Creation of a new company or spin-off
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Company anniversary (eg. 50 years in business)
  • New office opening or relocation
  • Company Name Change
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances
  • New executives and other personnel changes
  • Transfer in ownership
  • Company reorganization
  • Holiday-related sales
  • Major steps towards “going green”
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments

Products and Pricing Promotions

  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Free shipping offer/changes in shipping rates
  • New products and services
  • Product name change
  • New product production process
  • New products, services, pricing and promotions
  • New contests and sweepstakes
  • Holiday-related sales and promotions
  • Unique and new uses for existing products
  • New promotional programs like referral rewards
  • Free consultations, trial offers and samples

Market Trends and Thought Leadership

  • New market studies, research, surveys and polls
  • Helpful tips for customers, related to your business
  • Market trends affecting your business
  • A new award win
  • Milestone accomplishments
  • Free educational information, ebooks, newsletters and white papers
  • Media and speaker appearances by executives
  • Inspirational stories related to your business
  • Predictions for your industry and supporting market analyst information
  • Educational online and in-person events
  • New technology trends affecting your industry
  • Informative industry scam information
  • Expert opinion on an important subject within your industry
  • Debunking of common “myths” related to your industry
  • Tips sheets or feature stories like “Top 10 Valentine Gifts,”  “Top 10 Common Mistakes of Social Media Marketing” or “How to Land a Job in 30 days.”
  • Commentary and product or business tie-ins to current events
  • News of the Weird: an outrageous claim or outlandish event like “Coffee Shop offers gourmet $200 latte!”

Customer Wins and Endorsements

  • Significant customer win and case studies
  • Customer acquisition milestones (100th customer, 500th customer, 1 million customers, etc)
  • Celebrity and public figure endorsements or product purchase (be sure to get approval).


  • Business rebranding
  • New website or significant upgrade to existing website
  • Company name change
  • Product name change

Community and Charity

  • Involvement with a charity
  • Local event or team sponsorships
  • Recent charitable contributions
  • Inspirational stories
  • Internship Programs
  • Pro bono work


  • Scheduling of in-person seminars
  • Success of events
  • Appearance at a trade show
  • Scheduling and success of Web events
  • Event sponsorship
  • Holiday-related events

Legal and Crisis Communications

  • Transfer in ownership, if public
  • Company reorganization, if public
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Response to being named in a lawsuit
  • Response to accusations against your company or industry
  • Initial Public Offering or plans and timelines to go public
  • Stock offerings
  • Financial and earnings updates
  • Securing business funding or credit – including venture capital or angel investments
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New E-commerce Website Launch

New E-Commerce Website Launch

Jewellery website logo

caption text

We are very happy to announce that we have launched a new website this week, Its an E-commerce website selling Jewellery. its called Nuts About Jewellery and can be found here

As well as completing all of the design and contruction of the site, we are also looking after the ongoing promotion.

So How are we going to Market the site?

Firstly we will start with some basic SEO. Then we will start a campaign of online press releases and news syndication. after about 3 months we will increase the SEO activity to just below ‘frenzied’.

We will also be taking part in affiliate marketing which is  a great way of leveraging the traffic of other websites to make sales.

We will be adding the products to online shopping channels such as Google Shopping, and selling through third parties such as Amazon.

Finally we will be undertaking some discount voucher marketing, again a great way to generate sales.

If you would like to know more about any of the above strategies mentioned, call for  a chat on 0161 613 1194




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Why You should use Press Releases

Increase Website Traffic with Online News and PR

Get Found in Google, Yahoo! and Bing

I often get asked about the benefits of Online Press Releases, well here is  a list of the reasons why you should consider this activity to promote your busines online.

The Numbers

Millions of people are searching online for businesses like yours every single day. With press release services from Greenkey you can get found fast, and found first.

Get Found

Online news distribution gets your news straight to the search engines that everyone uses, like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When people search for you, or your industry, they’ll find you more easily, with search engine friendly releases.

Get Found In More Places

Get your story onto major news sites like Google News, Yahoo News and Topix. We can distribute your news release to more than 250,000 subscribers, 30,000 websites and 30,000 bloggers and journalists. We also have access to some exclusive news channels that you wont get anywhere else.


Get Found First

Online news and PR is one of the easiest ways to boost your ranking in search engines because we use search engine friendly releases. You can include images, links and even videos in your Greenkey online news release, earning you a higher place in search results.

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