White Labelling

Do you want to be able to offer first class search engine optimisation services to your clients, but not want to commit to a full-time in-house resource to focus in this specialist area? If you are a web design company, marketing company or PR agency, then our white labelled solutions will be ideal for you. Some of the reasons you may want to utilise this service for your business:

Search engine optimisation is a niche skill

Good Internet marketing people are hard to find and retain as employees because they are in high demand. If you want to offer Internet marketing services to your clients but justifying the full time salary is difficult, especially at the beginning, then we can help. Use our skills right now until you have enough sales volume to justify the full time expense. We would be delighted to be your permanent partner for Internet marketing delivery, but realise there may be a time when you want to go it alone. We would be ready at this stage to work together to achieve a structured handover, and we would be there for you when you have ‘peaks’ of work.

We are an established SEO company

We believe passionately  in our ability to deliver results using our ethical approach to Internet Marketing. We are very focused on the changing technologies and keep up to date with all the latest trends and search engine algorithm changes.

We charge only for the work that we do

There are no maintenence costs or retainers. If you have no clients you have no costs, so you have no overheads at all by partnering with us. All costs for projects will be costed before they start so there will be no surprises. All you have to do is decide upon your profit margin, we can advise you about current market rates if you would like us to.

We are an established outsourced Internet marketing company.

Greenkey have operated in profit every year since we started in 2003 and our current client list is healthy. –

You don’t need to take all of our services just the ones you want

  • press release and article marketing
  • blogs
  • information syndication
  • social book-marking
  • visitor behaviour and analysis
  • link building ( we have many of our own news and PR websites)

Our services fit seamlessly into your company’s infrastructure, we provide all the documentation and online reporting tools to support you. We’ve got a proven track record in this market.

We currently provide third party services for some well known web design, and marketing companies.

If this sounds interesting to you Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can take this forward.

Do Something Positive About Your Internet Marketing.
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